Support the Little Hearts Project through your Prana Indian takeaway

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Support the Little Hearts Project through your Prana Indian takeaway

Prana, the Mill Road-based Cambridge Indian Restaurant and Takeaway, is proud to highlight their support for the Little Hearts Project.

Co-ordinated by Muntada Aid, the Little Hearts project provides free life-saving cardiac surgery and interventional cardiac catheterisation for children

suffering from Congenital Heart Disease. The children, who are treated irrespective of race, gender or religion, come from underprivileged families and would be highly unlikely to receive treatment without intervention from Little Hearts. In Cambridge, it so easy to make a difference – simply donate to the project when ordering your takeaway online at with a simple option to add a donation to your cart. Prana is aiming to raise over £1500 this year for the project.

Prana is delighted to support this unique project as congenital heart disease affect over 1 million babies born every year. Of that 1 million, 100,000 (1 in 10) will not live to see their first birthday and many more thousands dying before adulthood.

Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) refers to a defect in the heart that a baby is born with and affects 1 in 100 globally, yet it can most often be treated with heart operation at birth. While this can take place as a matter of course in the developed world, in underdeveloped countries, access to treatment is often prohibitive, through lack of skilled professionals, lack of equipment and resource or simply through cost.

Muntada Aid, a UK Registered Charity, co-ordinates the little Heart Project, which is the largest heart treatment project of its kind in the world. When Little Hearts undertake a trip, they not only send a team of medical volunteers to perform life-saving heart operations, but they also train local medical staff to carry out the operations in future and they equip cardiac centres with equipment and medication.

Little Hearts not only works to fix the problems of the right now, but also to make a long-lasting impact on the children that they treat and the local medical professionals that they work with.

Kobir Ahmed, Managing Director, Prana said, “At Prana, we are proud of our local community links and we knew that, when we decided to support the Little Hearts Project, our valued customers would respond positively. We are so grateful that they are choosing to show their support by adding donations to their take-away orders. We’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you, but also to inspire and encourage other businesses to make a difference where they can. At Prana, we want to raise as much money as we can for the Little Hearts Project – we’ll keep cooking, so you can keep donating.”

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